2018 Books

The following is a list of books that were discussed during our Adult Book Discussion. This list is composed with information regarding titles, authors, publication dates, and quantity of pages. The list is composed in descending order by the year discussed, being the latest book to be found at the beginning of the list, the most recent one to have been part of our discussion.

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by Matthew Desmond Published: 2016
Hardcover: 418 pages

Lord of the Wings

by Donna Andrews Published: 2015
Hardcover: 307 pages


by R. J. Palacio Published: 2012
Hardcover: 315 pages

Limping Through Life: A Farm Boy Polio’s Memoir.

by Jerold W. Apps Published: 2013
Hardcover: 235 pages

Force of Nature

by Jane Harper Published: 2018
Hardcover: 326 pages

The Music Shop

by Rachel Joyce Published: 2018
Hardcover: 306 pages

The Stars Are Fire

by Anita Shreve Published: 2017
Hardcover: 241 pages

The Book of Dust

by Philip Pullman Published: 2017
Hardcover: 449 pages

The Cuckoo’s Calling

by Robert Galbraith Published: 2015
Hardcover: 455 pages

Turtles All the Way Down

by John Green Published: 2017
Hardcover: 286 pages

The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Tale of the Last True Hermit

by Michael Finkel Published: 2017
Hardcover: 203 pages

Rules of Civility

by Amor Towles Published: 2011
Hardcover: 335 pages