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New York Review of Books

Every two weeks… writers publish essays and reviews of books and the arts, including music, theater, dance, and film… What has made The New York Review successful, according to The New York Times, is its “stubborn refusal to treat books, or the theatre and movies, for that matter, as categories of entertainment to be indulged in when the working day is done.” (


The Times Literary Supplement

Every week, we publish book reviews, book extracts, essays and poems from leading writers from around the world. We cover far more than just literature, featuring major articles on subjects from anthropology to zoology, philosophy to politics, comedy to psychology. We are the only major English-language publication to review books published in other languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian.  Each week, we also review the latest in fiction, film, opera, theatre, dance, radio and television. (


London Review of Books

Published twice a month, it provides a space for some of the world’s best writers to explore a wide variety of subjects in exhilarating detail – from art and politics to science and technology via history and philosophy, not to mention fiction and poetry. As well as book reviews, memoir and reportage, each issue also contains poems, reviews of exhibitions and movies, ‘short cuts’, letters and a diary… ( )