Audiophile Records

Once upon a time…

In 1947, Mr. Ewing Dunbar Nunn started producing records under the label AUDIOPHILE Records Inc. based out of Saukville, Wisconsin. This enterprise lasted until 1965, time when Mr. Nunn moved to Mequon, Wisconsin, soon afterwards selling the label.

For almost twenty years, AUDIOPHILE Records Inc. captured for posterity diverse music artists in different music genres, including Dixieland and Jazz or Easy Listening. At the same time, sound recordings were produced under this label, including “Echoes of the Storm” (AP-20), which includes not only the recording of one of the biggest thunderstorms ever witnessed in Milwaukee, which it did occur in 1952, but also a side B with multiple sound clips which according to notes attached in several release catalogs, were intended for use by psychiatrists.

Today, at the Oscar Grady Public Library we are happy to share with you eleven of these albums, which we are housing at the library, as part of the Jim & John Peterson Collection. You can access these albums by visiting our SoundCloud page, Please click HERE to access this page.

We hope you enjoy these recordings as we enjoy sharing them with you.