Technology and Computer Skills

Technology and Computer Skills Resources

Below is a list of wonderful resources for those who are new to computers as well as those looking to improve their computer skills.

Learn to Use a Computer

COMPUTER BASIC SKILLS: Basic computer hardware & software training manuals for download.  Courtesy of

Getting started with your first computer. Courtesy of GFC Learn Free Org.

How to save on a public computer – This link offeres a step-by-step guide to saving information from a computer to a USB drive.

Different computer courses (accessible with your library card):

COMPUTER BASIC SKILLS, including Smartphones & Tablets, OS & Linux Operating Systems, Technology Buying Guides and much MORE!

Learn to Type

Practice Typing (increase accuracy & speed)

Microsoft Training Opportunities (Free)

Using GMail – GMail is Google’s free web-based email service. Google has provided step-by-step instructions to teach how to set-up an account and use their email service.